Picnic on the Danube

After visiting at the Children’s Home, the ladies organized an impromptu picnic along the Danube. Dancho, who does maintenance and serves as a male role model for the children, went out on his boat to catch some fish for us while Velichka (not pictured) prepared some Качамак (kachamak), which is polenta served with sirene, a white Bulgarian cheese similar to feta.

It was a lovely afternoon of friendship. I hope we can return the hospitality at our village home soon.

Nick waiting for Dancho to finish cleaning the fish
Nick was born and raised near the River Danube, pictured behind him. On the far bank, Romania.
Dancho starting the fire.
Beautiful cooking fire.
Cleaned fish waiting to be grilled
Seasoned and ready to cook.
Lunch is served!
This sweet gal had just had pups. She and Nick made friends while we waited for lunch.
Another friend came to wait for lunch.

From l to r: Mutaher, Tatiana, Daniela, Nick, and Dancho
Picnic on the Danube


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