Turning Point

Four years.  It has been four years since a judge in Bulgaria declared that Nicholas and Olivia were ours forever.  The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.  Prophetically appropriate.  And from that day, 15 September has been a cause for quiet, private contemplation.  It has been a source of trauma and grief.  It has not been a reason to celebrate.

Until this year…

During a particularly difficult episode this week, I asked Nick if he knew what was coming this week, hoping to provide some insight into why things were difficult.  Trauma anniversaries are difficult and hijack our emotions.  Trauma anniversaries are hooded and masked terrorists.  Bloody awful terrorists.

At the time, he couldn’t answer me, so I left it.  Later he said, “Mama, what was it you were trying to tell me earlier?  You asked me if I knew what this weekend was.”

Forever Day Dinner

Chicken Kavarma with Rice and Shopska salad

“It’s the fourth anniversary of your adoption.  Four years since you went to Sofia and were interviewed by the judge; and she made you part of our family forever.”

And much to my surprise, his face lit up and he smiled at me.

“Are we going to celebrate?”

“Do you WANT to celebrate?”

“YES!” And we set about planning a menu for the day.  One that reflects our now shared Bulgarian and American heritage.

And so today – FINALLY – on this Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, on this day when the Mass readings talk about turning points, coming full circle, coming home, we are truly CELEBRATING Forever Day.

Happy endings.
Turning Point


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