Friends and Brothers

These boys grew up together. Stefko was adopted by a wonderful woman shortly after Nick and Olivia came home. They hadn’t seen each other in person in four years. Nick and Vasko have been in contact online for the past year. It can be hard to have a proper chat by message, especially with time differences and native language attrition. But when they met, that all fell away and in only a short time, they were right back to where they left off.

I am grateful to Daniela and to Dobrinka for arranging for us to meet with Stefko. These days have been such a blessing filled with memories to last a lifetime.

We plan to make even more on subsequent trips.

Nick and Vasko talking and laughing during one of our trips to Silistra.
Stefko, Nick, and Vasko
That smile! Bunny ears provided by Stefko.
Friends and Brothers


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