Year: 2019

Friends and Brothers

These boys grew up together. Stefko was adopted by a wonderful woman shortly after Nick and Olivia came home. They hadn’t seen each other in person in four years. Nick and Vasko have been in contact online for the past year. It can be hard to have a proper chat by message, especially with time[…]

Picnic on the Danube

After visiting at the Children’s Home, the ladies organized an impromptu picnic along the Danube. Dancho, who does maintenance and serves as a male role model for the children, went out on his boat to catch some fish for us while Velichka (not pictured) prepared some Качамак (kachamak), which is polenta served with sirene, a[…]

Turning Point

Four years.  It has been four years since a judge in Bulgaria declared that Nicholas and Olivia were ours forever.  The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.  Prophetically appropriate.  And from that day, 15 September has been a cause for quiet, private contemplation.  It has been a source of trauma and grief.  It has not[…]

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