Deacon’s Wife. We’re Roman Catholic.  But I have a really strong love of both the Anglican and Orthodox traditions. I’ve been married to Brian (aka RenaissancePapa, The Deke) since 13 July 1991.  He was ordained on 9 June 2012 and I like to remind him that his marriage sacrament came first, particularly when ministry conflicts with an ice cream run.  I’m a social justice warrior, and thoroughly pro-life. Come on over and have a look at how we serve others.

Mother of Eleven. We have nine living biological children, with a little choir all our own just waiting behind the veil.  We also adopted two older children from Bulgaria in 2015.  In 2017, we added to our family again when our oldest daughter married her husband, Paul.  I’m an advocate for natural family planning, attachment parenting, home education, breastfeeding, and double tying the apron strings while hiding the scissors.  I’m also a trauma mama and mom of kids with unique abilities.  I perversely enjoy studying trauma, therapeutic parenting and therapeutic education.  I mean, really… There are only like three of us on the planet.

Farmer. We own an almost 300 acre farm in central Massachusetts where we practice permaculture.  I’m a PINA certified permaculture designer and teacher.  I’m also a student herbalist, though I’ve been using herbal medicine at home for many years.  Our farm is where we grow the foods, medicines, and dyes we use.  It’s also where we learn to swat mosquitos and catch ticks like the pros.  I have been a goat midwife, a milkmaid, and friend to pigs, sheep, geese, chickens, and turkeys.

Teacher. I’m a homeschool teacher of more than two decades, a catechist certified to teach Level One Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  I’m also a permaculture instructor.  I’ve explored many educational approaches and have found something to love about nearly all of them.  I have long been a Waldorf mama, so I integrate as much of it as possible into our lives in any way I can.  Because rainbows and stars and angels. At the moment, I’m intently focused on Montessori because it holds the greatest promise for my special needs kids.  Also, I like working the materials.

Creator. Painting, pen-and-ink, charcoal pencil, coloured pencil, jewelry-making, sewing and needlecrafts, floral design, dressmaking, parties, and DIY.  If it’ll stand still, or if I can catch it, I’ll decorate it.  I love glitter.  I mean LOVE glitter.  I’m not too proud to play with crayons, chalk, or Play-Doh (the smell still makes me swoon).

Cook. Fresh and seasonal whole foods.  Ethnic dishes are my passion, but my specialties are good-stodgy dishes from my northern European ancestors and my husband’s French Canadian ones, and Bulgarian food.  I’m also quite locally (meaning in my own family) famous for my “OMWord-What-Do-I-Make-for-Dinner?” Dinners.

Laughter is my drug of choice.

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