Renaissance Mama


We’ve had a hard couple of weeks here. Really hard. It has shaken us to the very core. We’re trying to handle our own grieving and to support each other. My adult kids have been amazing. Really amazing. All of them. I’ve also had an awful lot of support from friends. 8 minutes to talk,[…]

Power to the Peaceful

I’m not one to engage with protests on Social Media. I feel that it just adds to the general din and doesn’t accomplish much. That does not mean that I don’t have an opinion. The genocide in the Middle East has been like watching siblings swing at each other – until one sibling went ballistic[…]


I’ve been waiting for today for several months in order to make my official homecoming. Beltane – the feast of life, love, hope, and joy. Sunlight, blossom, soft air, new beginnings… fecundity. At the top of the ridge there lives a venerable apple tree. She has NINE trunks. I knew that I was going to[…]

Little House:: Demo 2

Beautiful morning! The kids and I left early to pick up some safety supplies – masks, safety glasses, ear defenders… With enormous gratitude for donors to Nick’s fundraiser for helping to pay for all of that and so much more. Louis joined us today and after we were through, he said, “that was much more[…]

Little House Update

First, a Nick update… Yesterday afternoon, Nicholas was assaulted at his facility. One patient restrained his arms while the other patient kicked and punched him. This is the second such assault on Nicholas perpetrated by the same two patients. Nicholas was moved to another room, and the two patients temporarily restricted to their ‘wings’. Nicholas[…]

Little House:: Demo Week 1

I do not feel as enthusiastic as Chip Gaines about this. Do. Not. These walls, y’all. A sheet of aluminum, 3/16″ of styrofoam, cardboard sheet, 3″ of insulation, and 1/4″ of plastic paneling. That’s it. That is what is between you and subzero temps in one of these (if you live in the northern climes).[…]

On Loneliness

Part of a series of pieces illustrating women alone. You can purchase a print on my shop. Sunday morning and a post on a support group for loved ones of folks with mental illness asking about loneliness and how to overcome it. How do I work with the loneliness when it makes me uncomfortable? I[…]

Boza Recipe

I recently leveled up my Bulgarian mom cred by adding Boza to my repertoire of of Bulgarian and Turkish recipes. Boza is a fermented drink, popular in the Balkans and Middle East. Typically, it’s made from wheat (bulgur), but can be made from any grain. I bet corn would be really lovely. It’s creamy, sweet,[…]

A Little Blog Love

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Life has been very full over the past year. I’m hoping to be able to write a little more often here. Facebook, where I have been spending the majority of my time, is a distressing place at the moment. Perhaps I can create a little sanctuary here for myself, for[…]

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