Year: 2024


We’ve had a hard couple of weeks here. Really hard. It has shaken us to the very core. We’re trying to handle our own grieving and to support each other. My adult kids have been amazing. Really amazing. All of them. I’ve also had an awful lot of support from friends. 8 minutes to talk,[…]

Power to the Peaceful

I’m not one to engage with protests on Social Media. I feel that it just adds to the general din and doesn’t accomplish much. That does not mean that I don’t have an opinion. The genocide in the Middle East has been like watching siblings swing at each other – until one sibling went ballistic[…]


I’ve been waiting for today for several months in order to make my official homecoming. Beltane – the feast of life, love, hope, and joy. Sunlight, blossom, soft air, new beginnings… fecundity. At the top of the ridge there lives a venerable apple tree. She has NINE trunks. I knew that I was going to[…]

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