Little House:: Demo Week 1

I do not feel as enthusiastic as Chip Gaines about this. Do. Not.

These walls, y’all. A sheet of aluminum, 3/16″ of styrofoam, cardboard sheet, 3″ of insulation, and 1/4″ of plastic paneling. That’s it. That is what is between you and subzero temps in one of these (if you live in the northern climes). This rig was built in Pennsylvania, in the late 70s or early 80s. Top of the line at the time. SO many places where the cold air would have infiltrated, where you can see daylight – holes for plumbing and exhaust were NOT sealed. Plenty of damp, but remarkably little considering the age of the rig. Mildew in many places. Small spots about the size of your hand or a dinner plate. The flooring (particle board) has completely failed in many places.

And mouse nests. SO. Many. Mouse. Nests. We scared the daylights out of one little family. One adult grabbed a baby and RAN, child. The other one stayed with 3 or 4 more little ones. I actually felt sad for them. They’ll have to find some other cozy place to live. This house is getting gutted. And then I’m going to brush some cedar oil on the new framing and hopefully that will further discourage them. This place is going to be rodent-proofed to within and inch of someone’s life. Mine. I’m someone.

This needed to be torn down. Still LOTS that can be salvaged and re-used for this or other projects. That’s awesome. It does my heart good since it cost more than half what I raised to buy it and have it hauled.

If you’d like to contribute to this build for Nick, please visit the GoFundMe page. Be sure to leave a message with a poem, blessing, or scripture verse from any religion or ethnic tradition. I’ll be writing those on the framing members as I go – before I oil them. 🙂 This house will be completely surrounded by loving intentions.

Little House:: Demo Week 1


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